The Course

The Challenge Course
The Capital City Challenge begins with a run on Kanawha Boulevard. The start line is adjacent to Magic Island, and participants run straight along the river from there until they reach Daniel Boone Park.
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After taking a right into the park, runners will grab their life vests, paddles, and kayaks before setting out into the Kanawha River. Volunteers will be present to assist anyone who needs help getting their kayak into the water and pushing off from the boat ramp. From there, rowers will paddle back towards Magic Island.*
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Following a gorgeous 4.2 miles of rowing, volunteers will help participants disembark from their kayaks at Magic Island, underneath the I-64 bridge. After a quick jog back up the stairs to the boulevard, riders will jump on their bikes. The exchange point will be at Pennsylvania Avenue and Kanawha Boulevard.
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Veazey Street turn around

The bike course has cyclists complete three laps between Magic Island and Veazey Street on Kanawha Boulevard. Veazey Street is just past the Capitol building and will be well marked and staffed with volunteers - do not turn early or you will be disqualified. Again, leaving from Magic Island turning around at Veazey and ending at Magic Island is one loop. You must complete this THREE times. Do not cross the timing mat unless you complete all three laps. Finishers will be greeted by their friends and family back where the race started.
Stick around afterwards to enjoy some food and entertainment!

*If unforeseen circumstances inhibit use of the Kanawha River, this race will become a biathlon consisting of a 4 mile run and a 16 mile bike ride with corresponding course changes.

13k Run Course
Starting in 2016, a 13k run will accompany the traditional Capital City Challenge event. Runners will begin at the same time as full Challenge participants and will run from Magic Island to Daniel Boone Park and back. The run course is approximately 13 kilometers, which is slightly more than 8 miles.

Kids' Fun Run
The Kids' Fun Run course children will walk behind their favorite hometown superheros past the bridge. Once there, we will begin the run back down the Boulevard toward Magic Island. The run will finish on the Boulevard. After the run, the kids will walk down to Magic Island for refreshments.

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