Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Due to popular demand, a new event has been added.  In addition to the run-row-ride race, a 13k running race will be offered this year.  For all those that couldn’t find a kayak to borrow or didn’t want to buy one and to those who were embarrassed by their 1976 “ten speed”, you no longer have an excuse.  Register today for the brand new race that will be raced in conjunction with the run-row-ride.
The course is simple.  Run with the “Challengers” to the Moose Lodge on the Boulevard.  Let the multi-sport folks continue on to Daniel Boone Park while you turn around and hightail it back to Magic Island.  This 13k run is just over 8 miles and you will be hard-pressed to find a flatter, faster course in the Mountain State!

No excuses!  If you want to run but don’t want to row or ride, the 13k is for you.  Register today at www.tristateracer.com.

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